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Large Data

What do petabytes of data do for a company, unless the data is easily extracted, organized, analyzed and reported? There may be a gold mine of revenue-driving or productivity-improving supporting data, stored on millions of dollars in server hardware. I’ve seen, in multiple large companies, the lack of vision and organization, which limited access and the use of their immense volume of valuable information. I’ve also been a part of organizations with an administration dedicated to secured, but easily understood reporting platforms built on organized tables, defined by logical and clean data warehouses with department specific data marts.

There are Simple Solutions

Having used or tested reporting platforms like Cognos, Khalix, Crystal Reports, Business Objects, MicroStrategies, SAS, Unify Answers, Essbase, Hyperion Strategic Finance… I’ve seen the evolution over the last 10 years going from technical code-based data extraction to intuitive GUI-based analytical reporting tools. There is no reason a company which houses large datasets be limited to programmers or data architects for their data extraction. A short consult will net a positive ROI in a short time.

Having worked alongside Charles, I can attest to his ability to take a pragmatic, well educated, approach to problem solving. His dedication to proper due diligence and effective project management has made him a valuable asset to our organization!

Brandt Smith

Great Manager! It has been a real pleasure doing business with such a professional. His ability to exceed expectations and deliver ahead of schedule has been an extremely valuable asset.

Michael Stephenson