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Evolution of Innovation

The greatest innovations in history improved people's lives (medical, sanitation, global shipping) and/or paved the way for others to innovate. The genesis of most innovation is a critical-thinking individual, team or institution that is not satisfied with the status quo.

TPS Lean Six Sigma

In this day and age we're able to stand on the back of process improvement innovators. Toyota, Motorola and other organizations have addressed problems in such a defined and systematic way we can use their solutions to solve our own problems; they also provide a stand for innovation.

Line Management

Line management philosophy allows companies to employee individuals with specific education and background to focus specifically on their verticle providing more opportunity to innovate and improve processes based on existing models.

Process Design

During my career I've had the opportunity to work on multiple process improvement teams. In most cases quick gains can be made by researching how other organizations faced similar issues. In a few cases we had to start with a clean slate and build a process based on specific requirements; in every case we were able to design more effectively using established methods.

Having worked alongside Charles, I can attest to his ability to take a pragmatic, well educated, approach to problem solving. His dedication to proper due diligence and effective project management has made him a valuable asset to our organization!

Brandt Smith

Great Manager! It has been a real pleasure doing business with such a professional. His ability to exceed expectations and deliver ahead of schedule has been an extremely valuable asset.

Michael Stephenson